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Any Keylogger for Mac 2.2

Any Keylogger for Mac 2.2: Any Keylogger for Mac OS X can log any online activities on Mac recorded. Log keystrokes and passwords typed Passwords and user names and all other passwords typed into applications as well as websites. Program Activity Log all detailed information of program running in the Mac, including games and iTunes. Record chat transcripts of IM tools Chat conversations (both side) in IM tools will be recorded, such as Skype, Adium, iChat, AIM, MSN. Record emails sent or received Emails sent or received are from keystrokes

FREE KEYLOGGER by PC Sentinel Software 2.5.0: Monitoring & keylogging software secretly records all keystrokes.
FREE KEYLOGGER by PC Sentinel Software 2.5.0

records all keystrokes on the PC and helps protect children when they go online and surf the web - and can also be used to keep track of what employees are doing on company computers on company time. Secretly and automatically records keystrokes. The entire application can be password protected to prevent tampering. This incredibly powerful software runs automatically in the background and discretely records all activity on a PC whether on or off

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PC Agent 7.13: PC Agent monitors the activities of all users on a computer unnoticed.
PC Agent 7.13

records the activities of all users on a computer unnoticed. The monitoring captures not only the most common activities like keystrokes, visited websites and screenshots, but also Internet activities such as sent and received emails and many more. PC Agent is specially designed to send the records in several different ways. Monitoring functions: • Keystrokes • Mouse clicks • User logon/logoff • Clipboard • Power state • Data medium change

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Keyboard Activity Logger

keystrokes monitor does not slow down performance of your computer. This keyboard observation tool can record all pressed keys, typed data, chat conversations with time and date detail, email messages, passwords, usernames, documents list, etc. Keystrokes monitoring software is helpful to restore previously typed documents, email messages and lost or forgotten passwords. Application also stores actual windows screenshots at definite time intervals

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Jitbit Macro Recorder 5.3.2: Keyboard recorder, mouse recorder, player and visual macro script editor.
Jitbit Macro Recorder 5.3.2

Recorder is not only a keyboard recorder, mouse recorder and player, but also a powerful automation script editor. All recorded keystrokes and mouse activity can be saved to disk as a macro (script) for later use, bound to hotkeys, extended with custom commands or even compiled to an EXE file (a standalone Windows application). This macro recording program will save you a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Use our Macro Recorder to automate ANY activity

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Activity Reporter Software 1: Surveillance software to monitor all activities of the network or the local PC.
Activity Reporter Software 1

keystrokes on the PC case sensitive. Report of activities not only record the standard alphanumeric keystrokes, but also captures hidden characters and key combinations. Clipboard Activity Report Activity records every activity clipboard. It displays the text that was copied / cut to a particular application.Application Activity Report Activity captures all activity on the PC application that helps you keep time records for specific applications,

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keyboard Saver 5.0.1: Key logger software secretly trace emails password and chat conversation message
keyboard Saver 5.0.1

record and monitors keyboard activities and take snapshots of all computer activity, Internet usage, keystrokes, passwords, incoming and outgoing e-mails and much more. Keyboard logger software runs invisible and records what your employee, child or other users do on the computer. Keystroke logger software capture screenshots of keystrokes typed, Internet URLs visited, emails passwords and captured snapshots can be browsed later as a slide show.

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